Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Great Article about Virtual PC and how to benefit from using differencing disks

The following article is quite interesting and talks about using Microsoft Virtual PC with differencing disks to create different development environments without having to install the operating system several times, as well as saving disk resources.

Personally, I prefer using Vmware Workstation and linked clones. Not to mention the snapshots that can be used to revert back to a certain state.

Ever since Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2004 (VPC) was released, I’ve been using it for development tasks… specifically SharePoint related projects since it requires Windows 2003 and all my desktops have WinXP Pro installed. I also used a VPC for all my work my recent book (running MCMS and SharePoint require some specific configurations). If you’ve used it and you’re a SharePoint developer, or someone who works with server software quite a bit ...

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